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2018 Reviews

Buffalo Spree Magazine December 2018
Buffalo Spree Magazine, December 2018 Issue

Christopher Mekker on WKBW Channel 7 Eyewitness News
ABC Affiliate WKBW-TV Channel 7 News, May 23rd, 2018

2017 Reviews

"Staff is friendly and personable. It's a small office so you really get to know the management team, and they are reliable and down to earth. Their online system makes it easier to pay and track rental payments. They make it easy to find a great place. They are professional and keeps things above board."
Sean P. Buffalo, NY Apartment Renter

"I have lived in South Buffalo through [Buffalo City Living] for over two years now. They have always been kind and understanding towards me. Every time I emailed them I would get a response in two business days max. They've kept up with the lawn and other maintenance all year round. They invested in a new roof on our house and installed new electrical before we moved in. I was living in the apartment during the 2014 snow storm where we got 4 feet in a matter of days and they called me to check up on me to ensure everyone was safe and that we still had power. They care about their properties and want good tenants. I find it really comforting they do thorough screening on applications to ensure I would have decent neighbors. The only reason I'm moving out is because I bought a home of my own, other wise I would have happily continued with them."
DJ B., Buffalo NY Apartment Renter

2016 Reviews

"I have lived in two homes managed by Buffalo City Living. Both were in great condition. I only had to call the office once to make a rent payment and I received great customer service. I would definitely recommend this company."
Angela Z. Buffalo, NY Apartment Renter

2015 Reviews

"Buffalo City Living is reliable management company. Chris Mekker is professional manager who truly cares about people business success. I have being working with them for over 3 years for all my properties while prior to them I had to fire 3 property management company in 2 years. Either is your first deal or twentieth deal, Mr Mekker can help you find that particular property, connect you with lenders, attorney and most importantly stay on top of day by day property operation and maintenance. The staffs are super nice, especially Sheila who is very knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend to check them out."
Edward K. Brooklyn, NY Real Estate Investment Company

2014 Reviews

"The reason I chose BCL was because I met Chris. I had trouble with a property and I had so much trouble renting it. Every single time I would rent it, the tenant would stop paying and damage the property and I would have to spend a lot of money evicting. I was referred to Chris from a real estate agent and had him rent a property for me. I was impressed by the speed that he had rented it for me, it was the winter and it was rented within a few weeks. And the quality of the tenant was really good- no problems on time payments. He also had the check sent out to me when he said he would, I never needed to remind him to send payment, rather he called me and told me he has a payment for me. I was impressed because he does what he says in a timely manner. Most people do not do what they say and when they say it but Chris and his team does. So when I needed property management, I chose his company because I was already familiar with how he operates. His staff is much like him, gets things done and in a timely manner."
Sophia H. Long Island, NY Real Estate Investment Company

"I had to get Buffalo City Living to finish what another contractor wouldn't/couldn't do. They were in and out and absolutely flawless!!! I really wish I had known about this company before I signed with another."
Anne R. Buffalo, NY Property Owner

2013 Reviews

"I am a real estate investor and I must say that I am completely satisfied with the level of service that Buffalo City Living provides. They manage my properties and resolve any maintenance work that needs to be done. They have an excellent and knowledgeable staff and they treat my properties as if it was their own. Keep up the good work!!!!"
Ryan D. Brooklyn, NY Real Estate Investment Company

"I am a Buffalo home owner who has used Buffalo City Living for minor repairs and upkeep on my home as well as one major renovation. They have helped out with patching walls, repairing a fallen ceiling, a water pipe burst, broken window, motion lights and more. The major renovation consisted of fixing what another contractor had messed up when bringing all of my hardwood back to it's natural beauty. It looks amazing. I have found them to be extremely competent at their jobs. [Customer Service] is always polite on the phones and responds to e-mails in a timely manner. [Field Crewman] has one of the best work ethics I have ever seen. He is attentive to details, meticulous in his work, and a bit of a perfectionist. [Manager] is very hands on and usually comes out to check on the work at some point in the job. He always wants feedback, good or bad, to help the company become better. I would recommend this company to friends and strangers, and I have."
Casey Z. Buffalo NY Property Owner

"These folks are Amazing! - [Customer Service Representative] on the phones, [Field Crewman] doing my work, and [Manager], "the boss". Their rates and very reasonable, they e-mailed an estimate (!), were prompt, business-like, but also very friendly and easy to work with. I wish I would have found them YEARS ago. It would have saved me a lot of aggravation, work not done or done poorly, etc. And on Christmas, [Manager] stopped by to bring me a bottle of champagne! What more could you ask for? Bottom line: HIRE THEM. :) -- Jeff F.,
Jeff F. Buffalo NY Property Owner

"Buffalo City Living is a service I had been looking for for years. It is perfect for the little jobs that I can t or don t want to take on myself. I have used them for changing locks, re-caulking sink and bathroom, putting up new lights, I really appreciate the flexibility with scheduling and quality of the work I have had done"
Kerry P. Buffalo NY Property Owner

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